Managing Your Duty to Accommodate Conference

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What: Managing Your Duty to Accommodate Conference

When: August 20-21, 2013. 

Where: Calgary, Alberta

Champions is proud to partner with INFONEX for their upcoming Managing Your Duty to Accommodate Conference this August. The conference will provide human resource and management professionals with the critical information needed to stay abreast of their ever-changing obligations. Hear from a distinguished faculty, including members of the Champions team, as well as other legal professional and industry practitioners, to get the real guidance you need to deal strategically with your most pressing accommodation issues.

Our Executive Director, Lisa Moon, will be leading a session titled Creating a Culture of Inclusion: Developing and Implementing a Disclosure Policy. She will also be joined by a member of our Board of Directors, Nicole Jelley, who will be discussing best practices on Accommodating an Aging Workforce for Greater Productivity.

More Information About the Managing Your Duty to Accommodate Conference

As an employer, you face increased pressure and costly challenges to accommodate physical, mental and stress-related disabilities, employee addiction, family responsibilities and many other issues in your workplace. Employers run into complex accommodation cases when employees fail to address their accommodation needs, deny reasonable requests for medical information, resort to self-accommodation or stay cooperative.

Get updates on the latest legal developments, rulings and guidance. Deepen your understanding of family status law and learn about a new ground where accommodation applies. Have a chance to listen to different views on the evolving law of family status accommodation from a legal expert, union representative and corporate representative in a panel discussion. Explore how you can strategically monitor your employees during the accommodation period - how to set appropriate time and policy. Understand when and how to accommodate your employee with mental illness as it can be often a convoluted and frustrating process. Maximize your ability to engage in partnership working with a union to develop an accommodation plan. Discover how you can create a wellness program for your aging workforce. Develop a greater awareness of how you can demonstrate your commitment and leadership towards accommodation to your employees. Compare the latest legal updates and rulings on disability management and how these apply to real word examples. Improve your soft skills to communicate with your employees on sensitive issues and develop your own communication framework that would fit your workplace.

Employers must stay on top of the latest legal updates and strategies to ensure the workplace is accessible and that their accommodation practices and comprehensive and legally compliant. Join us in Calgary to learn how you can best manage your duty to accommodate. 

  • Listen to expert legal guidance and updates on duty to accommodate in human rights matter
  • Understand the latest court rulings on family status accommodation and their effect on your workplace
  • Learn how to overcome frustration of contract: how employment-contract frustration and the duty to accommodate interact
  • Discover why you need to monitor your employees during their accommodation period and proven techniques for doing it right
  • Explore processes and guidance for managing complex mental health and substance issues
  • Define your legal responsibilities for accommodating employees with mental illness and their physiological states
  • Enhance your partnership working with union in the accommodation process
  • Hear about Alberta Health Services Continuum of Resources for the Workplace
  • Get guidance on accommodating an aging workforce
  • Explore why you need to place business value on successful accommodation
  • Compare the latest legal updates and real-word examples of disability cases from injury, to modified duties, to return to work
  • Develop your soft skills to communicate better with your employees on sensitive accommodation issues
Register today! Use discount code 1077-CCC-CaT to get a discounted rate as a friend of Champions. 

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