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Thursday, June 20, 2013

*This month we have been spotlighting some clients who are currently making their way through our services at Champions. Earlier this month, we told Grace's story about a young woman looking for work after she graduated from University with a degree in Engineering. This time, one of our clients has written an anonymous testimonial discussing their own thoughts on coming to Champions and using our employment services.* 

I first came into contact with Champions Career Centre in February of this year.  Prior to February, I did not know there was a job network for people with disabilities.  I think having a job network specifically for people with disabilities is a great idea.

I attended the orientation session in February somewhat wary about others knowing that I had a disability.  Through meeting others with disabilities at Champions Career Centre workshops, work with my case manager, and my work with the employment and retention specialist I am much more willing than previously to disclose my disability to a prospective employer, when appropriate.  I never would have considered this before coming to Champions Career Centre. I believe I have come to accept my own disability, and ultimately myself, more as a result of my involvement with Champions Career Centre.  I have not totally come out of the closet, so to speak, about my disability, otherwise I would be reading this to you in person. :)  However, I have recently disclosed my disability to some people reasonably close to me who did not know about my disability – I just got tired of putting on a brave face all the time – and I think we are even closer now.

With regard to the specific components of Champions Career Centre, I think everything has been very valuable – the Disclosing your disability workshop, the very important, practical information in the job search techniques workshop, information about cover letters, job interview skills, and mock job interviews.  I realized through the workshops that I was not very good at “selling myself.” Furthermore, working with my case manager and the employment and retention specialist have given me some important leads for jobs and networking and important resources and other information for alternative, yet still very appealing career paths for me. 

I do not yet have a job, partially because my job target so far has been quite specialized, but I feel in a much stronger position in general to obtain employment because of what I have learned from being involved with Champions Career Centre. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE AT CCC!!

- Anonymous Champions Client

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