Grace's Story: They Have Given Me Hope

Monday, June 03, 2013

As you probably know, every month we like to feature a client in our newsletter. Usually, we try to tell their story about coming to Champions and their path to finding a job. However, when we only look at the story from the end result – finding and keeping a job – we can often lose sight of what the story may have looked like at the beginning.

We wanted to put a different spin on things this month. Rather than focus on a client who had already found a job, we wanted to showcase a client who has recently joined Champions and could talk about their journey through our services - as it was happening.

Fortunately for us, Grace was willing to share her story about how she came to Champions and what it is like to be a client looking for work.

Grace has just finished her Engineering Degree from the University of Calgary.  She came across Champions at the UofC’s Career Fair in February when she noticed a Champions poster that stated “We Help Persons with Disabilities”.  Being able to speak immediately with Andrea, our Intake Coordinator who was working at the Career Fair, Grace was able to share some of her fears and challenges about finding work once she graduated.

“I am visually impaired and I really felt as though I needed someone’s help to get my foot in the door,” says Grace, “I found it very hard to keep looking for jobs because I was so afraid of rejection.”

After just a few weeks at Champions, Grace says her eyes have been opened up to a lot of things.  She has tightened up her resume and cover letter, received tips on networking, and learned how to be better organized when doing research or looking for jobs. Prior to Champions, Grace would have never dreamed of cold calling an employer about a possible position.

But Grace has received more than just job search skills in her time at Champions.

“Every time I meet with Mat, he gives me hope. Thanks to Champions, I have confidence. I know I am well equipped and have the skills to find a good job.”

Grace is still progressing through the services at Champions, even though a sprained foot put a brief wrinkle in her plans. She has a passion for the environment and her core interest is finding work as an Environmental Engineer in the Calgary area.

We have no doubt she is going to be an invaluable addition to an organization sometime in the near future.

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