New Report: Disability in the Workplace

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I was pleased to see a new publication, Disability in the Workplace from Racounteur media, come across my path this morning. The magazine features several articles and stories surrounding the issue of disability and employment in the United Kingdom. However, the stories are universally applicable and contain knowledge that certainly applies to Canadian businesses and persons with disabilities.

I highly recommend giving the magazine a download. Some of the highlights and articles:

  • Disabled People Can Do a Good Job. Attitudes are changing, but there are still significant barriers in the workplace. "The key is not to recruit disabled people for the sake of recruiting them, but to recruit disabled people who can do the job." 
  • Employing People with Disabilities Boosts Business. "The business case for embracing diversity means you have access to talent that others may overlook and you retain talent you might otherwise lose."
  • Empowering Staff Improves Morale and Productivity. "Adapting existing systems or investing in specialist technology for those with disabilities can improve productivity across a whole organization."
  • The Hidden Majority Must Not Be Ignored. "Accommodating disabled colleagues simply concerns the culture of an organisation rather than making physical changes".  

These were just the articles that jumped out at me. There is plenty more contained in this special edition and you can view the articles online or  download the entire magazine

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