Diversity Champion: Allied Printing and Promotions

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Sometimes a perfect match is only a phone call away.

Such was the case when one of our Case Managers, Andy Potton, first contacted Greg Silver of Allied Printers and Promotions, even though both parties were unaware of what the other had to offer.

“I was simply following up on a lead for a client and hoping to open the door for him to a possible employment position,” says Andy.  Although the position had already been filled, Andy asked Greg to keep Champions in mind for any future openings.

So when that new hire didn't work out, Greg was happy to give Champions a call, even if he didn't really know what to expect.

“When I first heard of Champions, my first thought was people with disabilities might need more support and I was worried about if they would be able to do the job. I was a little bit shocked to hear that Tom’s disability was diabetes. I have never noticed a difference and really see no effect in the workplace. I am really proud of what Tom has been able to accomplish at Allied. He has stepped up to the plate in a big way and I couldn't be happier with how things have worked.”

Greg was so thrilled with Tom’s work that he has come back to Champions and brought on two other clients in part time roles. Greg and Allied have really seen business pick up over the last three months and building a reliable team is fundamental to the business being successful.

“I don’t complain about too much work,” Greg says, even as he puts in 14 hour days. “I am fortunate that we have been able to build the business up and the team is a huge part of that. If we can’t rely on each other and work as a team then things tend to not work out that great. I am big on teamwork and everyone deserves credit for our success, not just one person.”

“I have always been an underdog type of person. I know everyone needs a chance or break at some time and if I can help out, then I am all in. I am really happy with the way things have turned out. I feel really lucky to partner with Champions and to have been matched with several employees who have been able to work out.”

At Champions, we are always looking to create mutually beneficial employment placements where the right person is connected to the right job with the right employer. We are proud to partner with Allied and to recognize them as our Diversity Champion for this month. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Greg and the team at Allied Printing and Promotions long into the future.

Allied Printing and Promotions specialize in commercial printing and also offer a complete line of promotional items from A to Z. If you would like to promote your company name, are searching for novelty items for upcoming events, or need help with your commercial printing needs, Allied has what you are looking for.  Their philosophy is to keep service high and product quality even higher and do this with a maintainable company that focuses on this commitment to its customer. Call them today at 403.279.5980!

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