What have you gained from your disability?

Thursday, July 05, 2012

One of our favourite Youtube channels, the Tommy Edison Experience, released a video yesterday which has been making waves across the internet. The video, "Best Things About Being Blind", is a funny and honest take on the benefits of being blind. Some of our favourites are getting out of paying three dollars extra for 3D at the movies, having lower electricity bills and not having to pay for flights (seriously?!).

While Tommy's video is light hearted and humourous, this is actually an exercise we get our clients to think through during our Disclosure workshops. In these workshops we pose the question, "what have you gained as a result of your disability?", and are often met with mixed reactions. However, it doesn't take long for participants to start identifying "gifts" related to their disabilities. Some of the most common gifts are understanding, tolerance, patience, tenacity, creativity, gratitude and a sense of humour. Just as every person experiences their disability in a unique way, the gifts they associate with their disability also vary, but almost everyone can agree they have learned a lot about themselves from their disability.

You can watch Tommy's video below and check out the other 65 he has posted as well.

What have you gained as a result of your disability? Leave us a comment!


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