Accessibility Wednesdays

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Seeing as how a large part of what we do at Champions is focused on finding accommodations or assistive technology which helps our clients succeed in the workplace, we have decided to devote our Wednesday blog posts to topics about accessibility. Every Wednesday we will discuss a new technology, strategy or idea regarding universal design and making products, services and environments accessible to all.

And what better way to start off our Accessible Wednesdays than with an utterly sarcastic video about the case against assistive technology? This a terrific video which highlights some of the assumptions that prevent schools from implementing assistive technology. Many of the assumptions carry over into other areas of life - like the workplace - where concerns over cost tend to trump ideas regarding equality and even innovation. 

In the video, they use the adoption of seatbelts as being demonstrative of how ideas can change over time, if people push for change. Accessibility isn't any different, it takes a concerted and collaborative effort from many different parties - individuals, governments, employers, schools - to make a change.    Check back here every Wednesday to learn more about the people and ideas who are making that change a reality.

Are you passionate about accessibility? On Twitter? We highly recommend following the #a11y discussion on Twitter to stay involved in the latest and greatest on all things accessibility related! 


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