Speak. Share. Thrive. Help Create Alberta's Social Policy Framework

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Speak. Share. Thrive.

Your input is needed to help create a social policy framework that will guide the future of Alberta’s social policies and programs. Social policy is about how individuals, communities and government come together to address social challenges, create conditions for the well-being of Albertans, and support people who need help to meet their own needs. Participate in the Speak. Share. Thrive. interactive public engagement and share your ideas about how together we can meet our needs and aspirations – in areas like housing, employment, safety and security, and childcare.

The social policy framework will provide direction for how communities, business, governments, non-profit organizations and others work together to give all Albertans the opportunity to live in dignity and contribute to society. It will also help guide discussions about the Premier's commitment to eliminate child poverty and reduce overall poverty in Alberta.

Visit socialpolicy.alberta.ca to join this important conversation: type your ideas in the wiki, take the survey, respond to a blog, or take part in a discussion in your community. The deadline to participate in the discussion is July 31.

Share your ideas about how we can support all Albertans to build a better quality of life – for themselves and their families.


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