"Talkin' About My Generation" - YYC Talks on June 11

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

"Talkin' About My Generation" - Wednesday, June 11, 4-6pm.

This presentation takes a different and modern approach to how we think about generational diversity. This topic is becoming a big focus now as organizations are competing to attract and retain talent.
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We'll be talking about:
1. The four generations at work
2. Examine the four generations: their values, attitudes, and defining moments in their generational history.
3. Re-introduce Millennials and discuss what changes they are bringing to the workforce; and
4. Provide recommendation for motivating and managing Millennials in the workplace.

About the presenter:
YIORGOS BOUDOURIS  has served as a Youth Advisor for the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as well as Youth Advisor for Parks Canada. Yiorgos is currently a Board Member with the Calgary Youth Justice Society. Yiorgos is passionate about issues relating to diversity, youth and intergenerational communication.

Look for more YYC Talks in the Fall 2014.

YYC Talks is a new series of information evenings that are open to all members of the Calgary community.
Inform: YYC Talks will explore topics that are relevant and important to the Calgary community.
Empower: Knowledge is power, YYC Talkers will gain insight and applicable knowledge
Succeed: YYC Talkers will be encouraged to share their knowledge to promote success in the community.

Light refreshments will be available. Space is limited.
For more information or to register over the phone please call Champions Career Centre 403.265.5374.
If you are attending and require any accommodations please call us 403.265.5374.


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