Marooned Without A Compass Day

Monday, November 12, 2012

Among the various holidays that each nation has to offer, Marooned Without A Compass Day appeals to me on both a personal and professional level.  I am one of those people whom, in my early thirties, still does not know what I want to do when I ‘grow up’; while I am not too concerned about this on a personal level the implications that it brings to my professional career in an employment agency may cause some people concern.  But… fear not!

As I work with individuals on a daily basis to reach their ultimate career goals; I have long learned to accept the fact that the often seemingly directionless steps that people take with regards to their careers are often vital in gaining the relevant experiences that will, with a little nudge from myself or my colleagues here at Champions, enable an individual to create a strong foundation from which they can move forward towards finding and retaining meaningful employment.

Yet, this blog is not designed to discuss the person centered planning we use to develop successful clear career planning objectives; instead I have chosen to focus on the use of Social Media and its implications towards a successful job search.   In addition to my apparent blasé statements with regards to my own directionless career path I must confess that I have been a staunch rejectionist of the Social Media platform. 

Until now…

While at one of our monthly staff meetings we were informed that our Marketing & Communications Coordinator (formerly referred to, by myself, as our Social Media Surfer) would be on holiday for several weeks and that the rest of the team would be helping to continue the great work that he is doing.  Initially I was annoyed at having Social Media forced on me – rather like enduring a stubbly kiss from old Auntie Barb at the annual family reunion, who’s rogue chin hair, having successfully escaped the ravages of the tweezers, tickle ones’ cheek as her false teeth fight to retain their grip on her gums while she plants said sloppy kiss. While I was in my irritated state I almost missed the valuable facts regarding Social Media and its benefits, these facts helped to change my focus from frustration to an acceptance that Social Media is very, very valuable… Rather like the $50.00 bill in old Auntie Barb’s claw-like clutches which will be presented post puckering.

The simple facts speak for themselves and need no further narrative to press the point home:

92% of employers use Social Media in their recruiting practices. 

Of these employers 93% use Facebook and 54% use Twitter.  

73% of employers have successfully hired someone through Social Media.
LinkedIn remains the social network with the most successful hires.

86% of recruiters review candidates’ social network profiles – whether or not the candidates share those links.

These staggering figures have changed my mindset completely and I am now recommending that all of my client’s develop, at the very least, a LinkedIn profile.  Now!  Immediately!  However, while I can provide another direction on the Employment Compass my own lack of knowledge of Social Media is proving to be a barrier in helping my client’s past the initial “you must have a LinkedIn profile” stage. 

It is easy to offer a direction and, yet, sometimes individuals need more than a compass to be able to move forward.  This is why I am proud to let people know that on December 6, 2012, Champions will begin their first Social Media focused workshop called, rather unsurprisingly, Jumpstart your Job Search with Social Media.

Champions have recognized that a direction towards a horrifying horizon of the unknown will only be successful with the support and encouragement that we all need at times.  With regards to our new workshop, you will find me front row and centre with my pen poised to scribble down the important facts which will enable me to confidently and comfortably talk to my clients about the true value of a well honed Social Media Portfolio and it’s implication in a successful job search.


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