Considering a Career in Nonprofit

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Imagine waking up and going to a job that you enjoy and that actually makes a difference in the lives of people you serve and the community you live in.

If you are at a standstill in your career or looking for a change and want to do something that makes a difference, then consider a job in nonprofit.  According to a study from Independent Sector, nonprofit employment has doubled in the past 25 years, encompassing 10 percent of total employment in Canada and the United States.

Not sure where to start….the first item you need to consider is why you want to work at a nonprofit?  Is it because you believe the work will be rewarding or that you could facilitate positive change in your community?  Perhaps you have a passion that could be tapped into and you get paid for it.  Whatever your reasons, write them down. 

Your next step is to research the various organizations to see which ones align with your values and reasons.  Through your research, you may also find a nonprofit that is aligned with or in the same field of work in which you are or were employed. 

Also take note during your research of the potential drawbacks of a career with a nonprofit such as salaries not being equal to the corporate sector or the work hours can vary depending on the activities you are doing.

Once you have identified some potential matches, you then need to review your resume to see if how it can be tweaked to highlight your strength and skills relevant to the organization’s needs.  If you have done volunteer work, list all of your responsibilities and the experience gained through this. Look at the qualifications required for the position and see how you can match your experience and draw qualifications from there.  One skill that is in great demand at any nonprofit is the ability to manage multiple projects and activities at the same time as many nonprofits have lower staff numbers, you may be called on to juggle multiple activities and tasks.

No matter your role within the nonprofit, you will find the rewards of a career in nonprofit far outweigh any of the potential drawbacks you may have uncovered through your research. You will join a group of dedicated co-workers who are fully focused on the mission, vision and impact of your work.


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